Ellen Gebel and Bernhard Wiesler chat with Tom Carrigan in Katikati Naturist Park's reception area.Jaden McLeod
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Local Focus: Bay a hot spot for ‘nakation’, with nudist cafe & nude karaoke
Naturists – people who practise communal or social nudity – say they are often misjudged as “perverts” or “swingers”, but they believe it’s a lifestyle that creates a more tolerant society, boosts self-esteem and improves mental and physical health. Annemarie Quill reveals all …

Matt, 30, is not a nudist but likes to play mini golf naked.

Sophie, 25, went skinny dipping and never put her clothes back on.

Mark, 47, was painfully shy and couldn’t look in people’s eyes until he discovered naturism – now the car mechanic looks forward to the end of the day when he takes off his boots and everything else.

Matt Nichols, 30, playing mini golf with his partner Sophie Proffitt, 25.
Matt Nichols, 30, playing mini golf with his partner Sophie Proffitt, 25. John Borren

Ellen, 53, grew up in a naturist family and now goes on ‘nakations’ all over the world.

Marie, 46, lives naked at home and on family outings and says the naturist lifestyle has instilled self-esteem in her three children.

Amina, 37, a former chef from Sweden, has opened a Tauranga cafe where people can enjoy her home baking naked.

Tom, 50, owns the only private holiday resort in the North Island for naturists.

Glenne, 68, runs a Bay of Plenty naturist group which has 948 members. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 23 Dec, 2017

27th December 2017

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