Your bare buttocks will be in the newspaper.

Life is freer naked, according to the naturists. ‘The sun on your body, the wind against your skin’


The Netherlands is becoming more prudish, warns the naturist association. They don’t want to force it on anyone, but the people of NFN Open and naked think it’s time to promote nude recreation. ‘Nobody needs or should be exposed by us, but let us in our value.’

‘A naked body has nothing to do with sex,’ says Ferry (69) sitting cock naked on a garden chair in front of his caravan at naturist camping ‘t Vinkel in Rosmalen. ‘Nude kills’, agrees Marcelle (50). When everyone is naked, nudity becomes very common. Then you no longer pay attention to each other’s buttocks or genitals. I find it more sexually exciting when someone is still wearing something – then there is still something to guess.’

No ranks and positions
Credit Uncertain Without clothes there are no ranks and positions. / Statue Marcel van den Bergh / de Volkskrant

The association for nude recreationists NFN Open en Bloot launched an advertising campaign at the end of last week for the promotion of nude recreation. Because especially young people, but also the elderly, according to NFN director Christine Kouman, nowadays have a distorted image of nudity. They associate nudity with sex and porn, while they also feel the pressure to develop a ‘perfect’ body through social media, video clips and role models.

‘Naked bodies come in all shapes and sizes,’ says Kouman. ‘We all have to deal with that. They are rarely perfect, but no one should be ashamed of their body. It’s so nice to relax naked, whether you’re in your garden, in the sauna, at the campsite or on a nudist beach. We want to convey that message.’


The naked people at the naturist camping site ‘t Vinkel, which has been in existence for over sixty years, are in complete agreement with the advertising campaign, entitled: ‘Feel free, expose yourself.’ Because they also notice that society has become more ‘prudish’. ‘More and more people shower with their underpants on at the gym,’ says Ferry. ‘Topless sunbathing is taboo and special clothing days have been introduced in the sauna.’

People who are naked on a beach are also more often addressed or even scolded by others. “We don’t want to see those hanging hooters, saggy buttocks or dangling cocks,” they are sometimes told.

That is why tolerance and respect for each other is an important aspect of the campaign, Ferry emphasizes. ‘We don’t want or need anyone to be naked,’ adds Marcelle. “But let us in our worth if we do. What are other people suffering from? My 11-year-old son always says: everyone is naked, isn’t it, Mom?’

Henk (71), who has been naked on nude beaches and campsites for 42 years, ‘doesn’t even notice that others are naked anymore’. His children have become acquainted with naturism ‘from the diaper’. “Until they turned 17 and said: we’ll never do that again,” he laughs. ‘That mainly has to do with puberty’, explains Anne (68). ‘In that phase they have to get used to their own body and they want to put on clothes. That’s also allowed, we leave them in their value.’ Henk: ‘And now my son is 42 and he has been coming naked to the campsite for six years now.’

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Source: de Volkskrant

Original publication 4 July, 2021

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