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Liberate yourself to Naturism

As it is said in the song ” Una noche y media ” by Renato Rocketh , sung by Marina Lima : “Summer approaches, a warmth in the heart, this colorful, magical things in life”.

Each season has its magic, but summer seems more conducive to bare the body and in it feel the energies of nature, it is something that can not be spoken because each person can feel differently. Unfortunately in that tropical country, whose first inhabitants were already naked, the practice of Naturism / Nudism as an agent of integration between mind-body is still unknown.

Some people tell me that they will never be naturists / nudists, they do not understand that saying that way reflects a negative psychological side of their own body and consequently to life. The civilization trains the individual to live in unreality and he assumes as if it were real, he dreams and when he awakens he still feels the reflections of what he dreamed. This negative side leaves no openings for changes and evolution, assumes an intransigent stance, sometimes even arrogant before its nature. The conflict between social x natural will never cease.

The most correct would be to say: “I am not a naturist / nudist, but who knows some day” At least a door opens to make evaluations, study the issue, make reflections about himself before the universe. The historian Viegas Fernandes da Costa when writing about his experience with social nudity in the article ” On social nudity ” places his finger on the wound of a society that recriminates the body and continues to do so with the endorsement of those who still did not understand what they have not yet understood what the naturist / nudist movement represents in the world. He quotes:“We know, therefore, of how transgressive the gesture of removing clothes and socially cohabiting without it can be characterized. I insist to remember that the transgressive character of the nudity is related to the social context in which the textile society is inserted, in our case. The transgression and boldness of the act seems even greater when it comes to bodies that society classified as defective or disabled. That is, that by some characteristic that manifests, it departs from the image we have of a normal body, built in our imagination . “

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Source: Info Nudism

Original publication 06/05/2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th June 2019

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