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Let’s save Costa Natura


It is not the first time that Costa Natura , the oldest Naturist center in Spain, has been threatened. In 2014 they requested the help of the FEN to avoid the construction of a promenade and to save the dunes of Cabo Pino . We were successful. Now, this time, the damage is done, but we can reverse it or minimize it. A beach bar has been built next to Costa Natura, in the middle of the Arroyo Vaquero Naturist Beach (that of Costa Natura). They have filled the beach with rental hammocks and do not allow their nude use. They do not serve beach users if they do not dress.

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It is more than likely that the construction is illegal, as it includes cement. We are taking care of it . But this is not what we are asking for your help for today. We have started a campaign on that we invite you to sign and distribute . It is called ” That the Nudist character of the Costa Natura Beach in Estepona be respected ” (click above). The campaign has surpassed 700 signatures in a few hours. This has aroused the interest of the platform , which has issued a press release . It emphasizes that:

Among the signatories of the petition is Ismael Rodrigo, President of the Spanish Federation of Naturism , who recalls that “any concession on a traditional nudist beach must respect the nudist nature of the beach. The beach bars have the obligation to allow its use in nudity or if not, the license must be revoked. This has been stated by the Ombudsman “

Indeed. The recent Beach Policy recently approved in an assembly by the FEN associations, includes the wording of two points in the municipal ordinances. Ordinances designed for municipalities that wish to protect and promote nudism on some of their beaches, and in a manner adjusted to the law. The second point refers to the beach bars and reads like this:

2. Companies of all kinds (hotels and restaurants, commercial sales, sports and leisure, etc.) that obtain a municipal license for installation and opening on the beaches or natural environments of “Recommended Nudist Use” will be obliged to allow and guarantee the use Optional nudist in its facilities open to the public. Such optional nudist use, free decision of the clients or users, will be a sine qua non condition for the granting of municipal licenses, and its exercise will be facilitated through the adequate communication of such possibility in the premises and facilities.


This point is so logical and rational that it should be unnecessary because of the obvious. In the same way that most bathers, on any beach, continue in a swimsuit when they go to have a drink or eat at any beach bar and do not wear clothes, so it should also be on beaches with established nudist use. A towel will be enough for your own protection when sitting down, and it is better to cover the backrest if it is a chair with a backrest. What sense does it make that one meter from the chairs closest to the sand people are naked while those who are seated and forced to dress watch them?

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Source: FEN

Original publication 2 August, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 4th August 2021

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