Nude Weddings are the best weddings

Let’s get more nude weddings done!

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Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle. I am glad to have discovered the nudist lifestyle and I wish to never stop being a nudist in my life. I wish I was raised as a nudist.

Well, we can’t go back in time to have me be raised as a nudist, but I do agree with doing many things naked and in nudism in my life. And one of those things we need more in nudism is a nudist wedding.

Nude wedding

Nude weddings sound like an excellent idea. How much money is spent on wedding dresses, tuxedos and suits? Quite a lot. Wedding attire in casual clothes is expensive. So, nude weddings save a good amount of money on the dresses, suits and tuxedos.

Nude weddings are a part of nude recreation by being nudist events, so they should definitely be performed at nudist clubs, beaches and resorts. They should just be more common.

Who knows, perhaps having more nude weddings means having fewer divorces in marriages. Nudism just brings us closer together anyway.

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Original publication 3 August, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 24th August 2020

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