Moran said his first time as a nude model ranks among the three scariest experiences of his life,

Law professor relaxes by baring all for art’s sake


Dave Moran stepped on a platform in a classroom full of students at Washtenaw Community College and dropped his robe.    

His heart was pounding. He began sweating. And he was nearly overwhelmed by the intense desire to run away.

But about 30 seconds in, Moran’s nerves started to calm. By the end of that first session as a nude model for a figure drawing class back in 2010, he was completely comfortable — and a new pastime was born.

“I find it extremely relaxing, and it’s really satisfying to see talented people draw me. After that, I decided I was going to keep doing it,” said Moran, a clinical professor of law who has taught at U-M since 2008 and is co-director of the Michigan Innocence Clinic.

Moran has modeled nude an estimated 150 times at two dozen different places, from art centers and clubs to community colleges.

It all started when he enrolled in a drawing class at the Ann Arbor Art Center during what he calls “a little midlife crisis.” He has always been an analytical person, having earned degrees in law and advanced mathematics. But he wanted to see if he could succeed at a creative pursuit.

A few classes in, Moran and his fellow students were tasked with drawing a nude person.

“I was impressed by how not creepy or sexual it was,” Moran said.

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Source: University Record

Original publication 9 August, 2021

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