Late Summer Sun

Late Summer Sun

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After another spell of intense working for us both, it was a great relief to have another week off and time to get away together. For once the weather was actually kind to us as for three days the temperature reached the mid to late 20s Celsius and we could relax once again clothes free.

We enjoyed Sunday evening at home before grabbing our thing and heading over towards Billericay towards the club early on Monday morning.After stopping for supplies at Morrisons we arrived at the club at around 11.30am and didn’t take much persuading in getting naked as the temperature by then was pushing 30°c.

Late Summer Sun
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Once we’d put away our things said a few hellos, I got out the sunbeds, books and ipods and we spent the rest of the day blissfully sunbathing, topping up our already golden allover tans.nAt around 4.30pm people began to leave and it was then we realised how much the evenings had begun to drawn in as by about 6pm the sun was almost setting.

Undaunted we carried on until the sun had almost slipped away, before going into the kitchen to prepare a delicious fish salad. Eating it on the patio you could feel the dip in the temperature but even so we stayed naked.

After dinner and a couple more drinks, we went inside for a few drinks and some catching up with some other members of course still observing all the social distancing measures that have been put in place. Not being big drinkers these days we enjoyed a couple of drinks before turning in around 10pm.

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Source: Living Life Natures Way

Original publication 21 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 6th October 2020

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