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Lanie and the Courage to be a Nude Life Model

Lanie is a life-model for art students, as well as a model for photographers in the United Kingdom. It takes a lot of courage to take up a position that doesn’t always flatter one’s sense of self, poses that are often uncomfortable when held for too long. I know that I would struggle with this hard work.

An animate still life
An animate still life

Likely, I am not as self-confident as Lanie in risking how others see me. And make no mistake about it, this takes a lot of self confidence.

To be a life model, is in my opinion, similar to being an actor or actress. The audience is focused on performance, not on the person behind the scene. The audience is studying the scene, learning to capture what they see. And surprisingly, what is seen isn’t a mirror image of what or who is to be seen. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sky Clad Therapist – The Naked Psyche

Original publication DECEMBER 18, 2017

29th December 2017

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