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Judi Dench admits to swimming naked in rare home life insight ‘I don’t want to be caught!’


JUDI DENCH has admitted that despite feeling completely comfortable with nudity on screen, she still gets nervous in case she gets caught out swimming naked in her family’s pool.

Dame Judi Dench, 86, has opened up on how she enjoys taking a naked dip in her family’s swimming pool. The James Bond actress shared she likes to strip off and do lengths in the pool, but only when nobody is around, as she does not want to get “caught” at it.

Opening up on how she finds stripping off, Judi told Dame Esther Rantzen on her podcast That’s After Life: “Taking your clothes off is just heaven, I had to do it in a film though.”

Esther questioned: “Which one?”

Judi answered: “Langrishe, Go Down, a passionate scene with Jeremy Irons where she has to put cream on her nipples and he licks it off.

“After the scene, we came out and it was tea time and the caterers had made meringues,” she added.

The ChildLine founder revealed she often enjoys taking a skinny dip and recommends it to friends.

She continued: “I skinny dip wherever possible. Swimming naked is just wonderful. I really recommend it.”

Judi agreed: “That is very good.”

Esther asked: “You must have done that?”

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Source: Express

Original publication 28 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 31st May 2021

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