Johnny Noodle King is at 2601 W. Fort Street in Detroit in the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge and St. Anne's Catholic Church.

Johnny Noodle King staff poses nude for ‘Tasteful Noods’ calendar

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Holy slurping noodles. Grab your chopsticks. 

Detroit’s popular and much-loved spot for ramen noodle bowls, Johnny Noodle King, will release its first calendar. Brace yourself because, like their bowls of ramen, it’s steamy. 

The 2020 calendar, “Tasteful Noods,” features employees posing nude holding bowls of ramen. 

Johnny Noodle King on Fort Street near the Ambassador Bridge is owned by restaurateurs Jacques and Christine Driscoll of InLaws Hospitality Group. Nearby, they also own the popular Green Dot Stables on Lafayette. 

You'll have to buy the calendar to see the rest of this 'Tasteful Noods' calendar page.
Johnny Noodle King You’ll have to buy the calendar to see the rest of this ‘Tasteful Noods’ calendar page.

Jacques Driscoll said the calendar name, Tasteful Noods (nudes as noodles), is a play on words and hashtag that started years ago reference the restaurant’s signature noodle dishes. 

“We thought we should do a calendar,” Driscoll said. “But every year, we ran out of time, and this year decided to make it happen.”

Driscoll’s wife, Christine, took all the photos – except for her own, which Jacques did. 

Overall, Driscoll said, it was a good team bonding experience.

“We talked about it for a while and everyone was super excited,” he said.

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Source: Detroit Free Press

Original publication 15 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th November 2019

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