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JOHN BRUMMETT: Naked disregard

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Arkansas has some of the most onerous clothing-requirement laws in the country. You just try going naked around here.

John Brummett

Show your personal parts to someone other than your spouse or doctor–let’s say at the grocery store or Walmart–and the authorities are apt to hit you with a $2,500 fine quicker than you can say bare behind.

The law refers to being naked for sexual-gratification reasons, but nudity for the non-sexual kick of it probably is not a distinction to try to hang your hat on–if you had a hat, or some place to hang it.

Get cited for being naked four times in Arkansas and it’s a felony, and nudity in jail is not generally recommended

Yet nary a yahoo sheriff in Arkansas has yet spoken up to say he will not bother anybody who runs around naked in his jurisdiction because of the Constitution and liberty and democracy and government overreach and all those things.

But you just let a conservative Republican governor, one forced to deal with the sad and frightful reality of a health emergency, impose a simple executive order that everyone must wear a small mask that covers mouth and nose if the person is within six feet of another. Suddenly, you get every grandstanding local excuse for Arkansas local law enforcement crowing about how the liberals have gone too dadblamed far this time.

It’s in the Constitution, or at least the Ten Commandments, they’ll tell you. In one of those, surely, it says “thought shalt not expose thy this and thy that, and you know which we’re talking about, but thou shalt always expose thy mouth and thy nose no matter what anybody from the government sayeth.”

The sane fact is that being officially told to wear a face covering to save others’ lives is no more unconstitutional, and a darned sight more humane, than being told officially to wear drawers because somebody might shriek.

Actually, it’s probably the case than nudists are harmless, and viruses aren’t.

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Source: Democrat Gazette

Original publication 22 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 30th July 2020

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