Who is in Control of Nude Activities
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It’s a Matter of Who is in Control of Nude Activities


Today, I will begin with looking at the first of eight personality types, the Extraverted Thinking, the ET type. If you “tested” for this type, your three other functions will have smaller percentages assigned. The percentage number doesn’t have to be a large number. An example could read something like extroversion 4%, sensation at 6 %, and thinking at 11% [note that I am ignoring the J/P scores the way, this is a sign of a VERY balanced personality. A different person might test with extroversion at 53% intuition at 65 % and thinking at 83%. in both examples, the personality type is ET. It all then becomes a matter of degree.

But before I go on, I want to remind you about the extroverted attitude [Jung calls it the extraverted attitude] with reference to Carl Gustav Jung’s words: “The extravert … has a positive relation to the object … affirms its importance to such an extent that his [her] subjective attitude is constantly related to and oriented by the object.” C.G. Jung Vol. 6, paragraph 557. And a second quote: “If a [person] thinks, feels, acts, and actually lives in a way that is directly correlated with the objective conditions and their demands, [that person] is extraverted.” C.G. Jung Vol. 6, paragraph 563

Captain Canada Dave leads the way in Toronto
Credit Uncertain Captain Canada Dave leads the way in Toronto

Now, with two rational functions and two irrational functions, one of the four becomes the strongest function, the go-to function when all things are equal. I want to begin with the Thinking Rational Function. Here is what Jung has to say about thinking as the strongest function [of the four]: “As a rule, one or the other function predominates, in both strength and development. When thinking holds prior place among the psychological functions , i.e., when the life of an individual is mainly governed by reflective thinking so that every important action proceeds, or is intended to proceed, from intellectually considered motives, we may fairly call this a thinking type.” C.G. Jung, vol. 6, paragraph 584

Toronto Nude Cruise with Atilla
Credit Uncertain Toronto Nude Cruise with Atilla

Okay, so much for Jung. Now, what about the Extraverted Thinking type? And, how would that look like for a naturist/nudist? Or, does it show up at all in naturism and nudism. Good questions. Who is most likely to drop their drawers, so-to-speak, to get naked, an introvert or an extrovert? When one goes back to the differences, if one is an introvert, there is less likelihood in being in naked social environment. On a balance scale, it takes more energy to be with others rather than being with oneself on one’s own. The introvert would tend to solitary nude ventures. It would be interesting to test all the members of each naturist resort, club, etc. The same goes for events such as World Naked Bike Rides, or Naked Fun Runs, or Naturist Club swims at a public pool in the off-season. There is no monopoly on who would enjoy being nude. However, there is a difference in where and when nudity happens.

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Source: Exposed and Vulnerable

Original publication 9 December, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 23rd December 2020

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