It’s too cold to be outside, nude.
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It Was a Dark and Stormy Day
Yes, it sounds like the beginning of a suspense novel. However, it is simply a description of the current weather. We’ve been hoping for rain for quite some time. Finally, it has arrived. With it, there has been a surprising drop in temperature. Here it is mid-morning with the rain on hold after just more than an inch of rain in the past 24 hours, and it is only 10 Celsius. Naturally, I am spending the morning, for the most part, indoors at the computer.

Genealogy – family tree online
Genealogy – family tree online

Today’s post is meant to serve as presenting a normal picture of life. I am a naturist. At least, that is one descriptor of who I am. Yet, I am more than that. Rather than having my penchant for living as many hours of my life as possible while nude define me, I want to show how much the same I am with the general population of humanity. Now, I am a month shy of seventy years old. Something typical for people my age, is an interest in genealogy. I have had a DNA test done [actually two of them] with the purpose of helping me locate missing strands of the family history.

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Source: A Canadian Naturist

Original publication JUNE 20, 2019

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