It isn’t Getting Naked It’s Coming Home

It isn’t Getting Naked It’s Coming Home


The region around Tucson, Arizona, etc. sustains me. I have come to need these places to ground myself in my being. It has taught me truth and become necessary as a part of my spirit and sense of purpose and place in the world, in life. In short a healthy addiction, something that I couldn’t comprehend life, or care for life, without. Living life without nature and the experience of tasting it naturally, is not fulfilling.

The nature that I share here with you, is as a portal into my inner peace.

It isn’t Getting Naked It’s Coming Home
Credit Uncertain It isn’t Getting Naked It’s Coming Home

There is food, there is shelter, there are interpersonal actions, all necessary for happiness, but this sense of what I am and the wonder, what I’m a piece of, is every bit as important. Otherwise there is only an ego that demands to be fed, and empty part that isn’t fulfilled. I’m left with a restless longing within me.

Yea, that’s what I’m trying to convey with this blog. Every sense, breath, every tingle in every moment needs to be experienced and naturism is a key to that. That is something that we have all known in human history, and are cut off from today. Something becomes imprisoned by our own beliefs and perceptions and creations. The stress, the fears, the news, there is a whole world that we can largely do nothing about, that is stealing away with more personal energy than it justifies. And, we are to be more than animals surviving. The key to experiencing that starts with the baring of the body and the awareness found in that act’s gifts. It isn’t getting naked, it’s coming home.

One can attack nature, create the mighty hunter, play warrior games with Indian friends (Yes, Hendrix “Castles Made of Sand). You can use use it as a gymnasium only. Nature’s abode can be used as an escape from something, a place of freedom, a venue to party with people, to get blasted. Some just see the potential for condos in a given vista, but being naked there brings one home in a different sense. Experiencing life naturally may bring home a oneness, a sense of a something very real.

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Source: The Free Range Naturist

Original publication 2 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 22nd December 2020

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