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Introduction to nudism and naturism

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Nudists come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, ages, colors, ancestries, dialects, handicaps, talents and personalities. And in all sexes. If you would visit a meeting of nudists, you will meet bankers, lawyers, farmers, secretaries, journalists, teachers, and… etc. etc. But you may not find out who is a nudist before you visit such an event, since most of us seem to be keen on protecting some privacy. Something you always should respect of course.

In this short introduction to nudism you wll find out that naturists represent a cross-section of society. They belief in morality, civic responsibility, education, good physical and mental health and try to live unbiased in this world. And they believe that the unclothed human body is comfortable, wholesome and worthy of respect. We are all beautiful creatures.

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Millions around the world share beaches, saunas, campsites in the buff. And then there are even more people that enjoy some naked time in the comfort of their own house. For some that is the only place they are allowed to go naked. So they enjoy nude sleeping, working, cooking, etc. at home and are hoping for better laws in future. The privacy of your own home is one of the best places to start anyway!

So who are nudists? And who are not? Look around! Maybe some of your best friends or colleagues can be one. You may meet them on this site.

This blog, better, this entire site is dedicated to them and all other nudists and naturists from all over the world. And we hope that it will show others, who are not into it, that we are all regular Joe’s and Jane’s. As they are. And that the fantasies some people have about this naked pastime could not be farther from the truth. It may, perhaps, tell something about themselves.

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Original publication 17 October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th October 2019

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