Interested by nudism?


Here’s how to start!

“I would like to practice nudism, but I don’t know how to start!” I have often heard this question from people who say they are attracted to nudism, but who hesitate. Do you have to start by being naked at home, going to a naturist beach, going on naturist holidays? If there is not a definitive answer to these questions, each of us being different, I suggest here avenues for reflection and action to start nudism in the best possible conditions.

Interested by nudism?
Credit Uncertain Interested by nudism?

Why start?

There are many reasons that push nudists to become so. It can simply be for comfort or to get out of your comfort zone and regain your self-confidence. It may be to escape the dictates of society. It may be out of a desire to simplify one’s life. All of these reasons are valid and one will be more like you than the others. It’s up to you to find yours. What will you use this for? To be clear with yourself and with others about what nudism means to you. Thus, you will be more comfortable explaining what nudism brings to you.

To help you, I will tell you what nudism is for me and why I am a naturist: because I feel very good when I’m naked. It’s as simple as that. I’m fine, nudity is comfortable and fabulously liberating. Then come other additional reasons: health, self-confidence, simplicity, beauty of nudity, etc. It is with this feeling of well-being that my nudist practice began. How do you know why you want to start nudism? Here is a simple little exercise to find out, and it must be done naked.

Start by choosing a comfortable place, where you feel good and where you will not be interrupted. You need to be totally comfortable. It can be your bedroom, your living room, your garden or a naturist beach. Undress completely and bring a sheet of paper and a pen. It is imperative that you are naked for these exercises. If you can’t be or are worried about being disturbed, put off until later so you can be confidently naked.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 25 December, 2020

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