Cap D'Agde

Inside ‘Naked City’ overrun by randy swingers, sex clubs… and Covid outbreaks


The Cap D’Agde began life as a naturist haven, but the French resort has been blighted by romping tourists who party the night away at nude foam parties and X-rated hotels

With its pristine sandy beaches and bags of sunshine, the Cap D’Agde might look like the perfect destination for a long-awaited family holiday – but you’ll be in for a nude awakening.

Dubbed the ‘Naked City’, the famous resort off the coast of southern France is widely regarded as the biggest nudist town in the world – where visitors can bare it all in supermarkets, restaurants, hairdressers, bakeries and even banks.

Once the sole preserve of purist naturists, the tourist hotspot has grabbed headlines in recent years for its growing adult industry, featuring kinky clothes shops, saunas, adult nightclubs and swinger joints.

Last week, a honeymooning couple documented their time in “the capital of sex”, revealing they wanted to start off their marriage with “adventures.”

However, during the pandemic the resort has been ravaged by the coronavirus, with business owners admitting randy holidaymakers were not quite following social distancing rules.

Plagued by a bitter war between naturists and swingers and even threatened by an outraged jihadist, here is how the Cap D’Agde got its X-rated reputation.

Nudist paradise where you can take a strip to the supermarket

A nudist campsite has existed in the resort since 1958, but by the 1970s, owners the Oltra brothers helped to push through plans to turn it into an entire naked village.

Nowadays, baring all on its beach is compulsory – and visitors have to fork out £6 for a ‘naked tax’ to wander its streets in the buff.

Credit Uncertain You can go anywhere in the buff – even for your grocery shop / Getty Images

Unlike many naturist resorts, you’re free to talk round the whole area entirely nude, whether it be for a trip to the bank, the opticians or even the post office.

Attracting up to 50,000 tourists a day, the picturesque strip has its own two kilometre-long beach, a port and marina which is fenced off from the rest of the town.

In keeping with naturist ideals, there’s a hefty fine of €15,000 if you’re caught getting up to no good and in the evenings everyone politely dresses themselves for dinner.

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Source: Mirror

Original publication 13 July, 2021

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