Coventry WNBR

Inside naked bike ride as brave cyclists strip off for nude protest


Over 50 cyclists donned their helmets and very little else as they took to the streets in protest to encourage drivers to be more aware of bike users on the road

A number of residents were bracing the weather with very little on as they took part in a naked cycle ride in protest over safety for cyclists.

More than 50 naked cyclists were spotted peddling through Coventry on Saturday to call for drivers to be more aware of cyclists on the road.

The drivers in Coventry were certainly noticing the cyclists as dozens of bare bums were on display for all motorists and residents walking the street.

Coventry WNBR
Credit Uncertain There were bare bums galore as cyclists take over the streets of Coventry

Participants could cycle naked, be part-clothed or fully-clothed campaign during the two-hour ride but most decided to bare all for the cause.

The Coventry protest is one of 15 happening in the UK with the events being held under the World Naked Bike Ride Tour.

Other events have also been held in Cambridge, Brighton, and Cardiff with the major event happening in London on August 14.

The ride is not only to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists but to also protest against car culture.

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 8 August, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 14th August 2021

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  1. I find it bizarre that a group such as Nat Com presumably standing to assert the value of the clothes free lifestyle and it’s healthy normality should in any way, directly or indirectly laud the used if nakedness as a form of protest.
    No matter the cause using nudity to challenge the wrong they seek to right is effectively to support societies negative attitude towards our lifestyle.

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