Indonesia’s secret nudist community defying the law

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Indonesia’s secret nudist community defying the law
What is it like to be a nudist in a country that prizes modesty and where public nudity is strictly forbidden? Clara Rondonuwu of the BBC’s Indonesian service went to meet some members of the country’s nudist community to find out.

There isn’t a single thread on Aditya’s body.

As he speaks to me, droplets of hot oil splash on to his bare belly from the large frying pan of sand crabs, eggs and Chinese cabbage

“I love doing everyday things in the buff, including cooking my meals,” he says. “I take a great deal of pleasure in being naked anytime I want to. I feel happier and way more comfortable without clothes.”

Aditya is taking a risk though and therefore doesn’t want his full name revealed. Under majority Muslim Indonesia’s anti-pornography laws, it is illegal to be naked in public.

Yet he meets regularly with four other nudists in private. “We could face jail time if we appeared nude in public,” he explains. “Which is the reason why we let it all hang out in private.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: BBC Asia

24th October 2017

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