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It seems that I am avoiding posting here, or writing in my journal. I realise that there is something behind this, but at the moment, I am not quite aware what is behind this reluctance to write. I noticed it about three days ago. Rather than write, I wandered through this site and saw a lot that needed pruning.

If you look into the archives, almost four hundred posts have been deleted leaving one hundred and seventy-seven posts. Of those removed, most were short and of-the-moment and had no value for readers who come here looking for information or reasoned opinions about naturism, and about naturism as therapy. Likely, I still have a few posts remaining that should also be deleted. But, now is not the time.

As a result of this blog-site introspection, I am left questioning the motivation for posting here, and the motivation of others who come here to read. I noticed that when I use the images of others who are known in the naturist community that readership is up. When I get too serious, readership declines. When I post frivolous “fillers” the response is predictably low in terms of readers. Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Lens

30 July, 2017, 6:00 pm

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