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‘I went to Cornwall over the Bank Holiday and it was insanely busy’

While it was clear restaurants, shops and pubs had all made efforts to be safe, the other visitors didn’t seem to care

With coronavirus putting a stop to many of our hopes of jetting off abroad, this summer has seen a big return of the Great British holiday.

It was some time in July that I decided to book a long weekend in St Ives, at the very bottom of Cornwall for a much needed break.

The only thing was that in my haste of booking one of the last B&B’s available, I forgot that it was indeed the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Businesses had made it safe to visit, but other tourists really hadn't
Credit Uncertain Businesses had made it safe to visit, but other tourists really hadn’t

Cornwall on a Bank Holiday is teeming with tourists at the best of times, but this year, with many others doing the same thing I did, it was absolutely rammed.

You only had to try to park to get that. Lucky for us, we had a space pre-booked with the B&B so we could smugly park the car in the busy train station car park as others frantically searched for a space.

We stayed at the Trevose Harbour House, slap bang in the middle of the town and Porthminster Beach. Although you had to dodge families armed with windbreaks and big groups of friends bringing crates of beer to the beach, once we got to the B&B you instantly escaped the madness.

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Original publication 1 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 15th September 2020

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