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I Went Clothes Free in 2019 – 7 steps to spending less.

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Okay okay I don’t mean I got around in the nude for all of 2019, that certainly would not be setting a good example for our young child (who does actually enjoy getting around in the nude). I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, honestly I think that they set you up to fail. If you are not committing to making your change on any other given day, then why would you commit to a challenge just because it is new year’s?

I Went Clothes Free in 2019
Credit Uncertain I Went Clothes Free in 2019

Why I Went Clothes Free in 2019.

About 2 weeks into January I had a thought ‘I’ll buy no clothes for 2019’. This lightbulb didn’t just flash into my brain out of nowhere, we had already been actively trying to minimise our footprint for quite some time and therefore had been consuming more consciously, buying better and buying less.

Unless you have been under a huge pile of textiles you will recognise some of the horrific impacts our addiction to fast fashion is promoting. 

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Source: I Buy Once

Original publication January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 24th September 2020

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