Cooking in the nude

I tried cooking in the nude (so you can too)


Is it the nudist life for me?

For many people, unclothing is a daily after-work ritual. Pre-pandemic, they would ceremoniously remove stuffy office attire, unhook the bra and shake off the underwear. Finally, breathe. Now, the only boundaries are scheduled Zooms.

I’m not nude-averse per se, but years of underlying body insecurities and a strict aversion to the cold prompt me to cling to clothing with an iron fist. I’ll strip down; just let me keep my socks and underwear. I need that security and warmth.

To get naked is an innately human desire, though. More than 10 million Americans identify as nudists (not including those who simply enjoy wandering around their apartments in the nuddy). The networks keep feeding us TV shows like Dating Naked and Naked and Alone. Is it time I hardened up and undressed?

The case for nudity

According to various studies, the benefits of stripping down are countless – both physical and psychological. A nude approach is far better for our skin, as tight clothes limit breathability, cause skin irritation and lead to a drier exterior. Of course, this also applies to the genital areas. Sleeping naked is not only beneficial for intimacy’s sake but promises improved rest: a lower body temperature signals time to sleep, and excessive warmth disrupts the crucial dream stage.

Nude advocates note a broader sense of self-acceptance. It fosters familiarity with one’s body, and makes you more in touch with its desires and needs. Those who partake in the nudist or naturalist lifestyle report reduced shame, more self-love and improved confidence as they harbour less judgment about themselves and others.

One Quora thread cites that nudity helps you save money (you need fewer clothes!) and cut down on laundry. “You can do whatever and get dirty and you just need to bath and no need for doing the laundry frequently,” the responder wisely writes. I hate laundry, and I want to appreciate my body. Maybe it is the nudist life for me.

Cooking naked: the latest trend

My interest was piqued when I came across a Bon Appetit feature with Charlie Max, the model and multidisciplinary artist behind the Instagram account, @fude_____. Via her account, she shares vegan meals – prepared, posed, and frequently eaten with others – in the nude. As Charlie explains, “Nudity helped me… dive into a journey of self-love. Our bodies are our true homes. And when I was able to strip down and feel safe and confident in my own skin, those feelings carried over into whatever I was doing in my everyday life.”

Her embrace of nudity in such a normal and non-sexual setting not only boosts confidence but slowly strips away the inherent sexualisation that is so automatic with the naked body. And it’s a growing trend. Other practising nude cooks mention they feel more creative and less restricted when crafting meals this way: once, twice, or three times a day. Of course, it comes with a warning about spits and burns, with more surface area for unpleasant injuries.

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Source: Fashion Journal

Original publication 6 August, 2021

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