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‘I took all my clothes off to cycle through Cardiff and this is why’


Laura Poole was one of many participants of the annual Naked Bike Ride

She’s rode through Cardiff plenty of times on her bike – but this time was going to be different and also scary as hell. Laura Poole was going to do it naked.

Just before the 29-year-old set off on her journey the nerves really kicked in – and she started shaking.

Face painting
Mark Lewis Laure Poole Gets her face painted ahead of the bike ride

“Up until about two hours before I didn’t know that I was definitely going to do it,” she laughed.

“I thought, shall I do it? So, I posted on my Instagram, which is full of self love stuff, asking whether I should do it. And not a single person said no, so I decided to go.”

But her decision to don her birthday suit in the Welsh capital in full view of others was not the result of a dare from friends – or even a daft stunt.

Laura Poole
Laura Poole Laura Poole took place in the World Naked Bike Ride for the first time

Laura was one of hundreds of people taking part in this year’s World Naked Bike Ride.

The ride is part of the global World Naked Bike Ride protests, which take place in cities across the world every summer, including Madrid, Toronto and Mexico City.

Laura Poole
Credit Uncertain Laura taking part in the ride alongside another participant

It aims to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists against traffic in cities, with the human body presented as a contrast to high powered vehicles -although the event has also become a way for people to express body positivity, champion environmental causes and more.

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Source: WalesOnline

Original publication 30 July, 2021

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