The author on a run after she learned to embrace her leg.Abby Langer
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I Stopped Hating the Huge Scar on My Leg and Started Wearing Shorts
My daughter taught me an important lesson about body positivity.

My mom first saw the little purple dot on my left leg when I was just a baby. As I grew, it did, too, into a big, ugly mass of veins and scab-like lesions from my knee to my foot. It’s what’s known as a cavernous hemangioma, or a tangle of abnormal blood vessels that essentially make up a benign tumor. Yup, it’s a mouthful. Only in adulthood would I finally know the name for what made my leg look the way it did.

The author on a run after she learned to embrace her leg.
The author on a run after she learned to embrace her leg. Abby Langer

What I had was so rare that at the time, no doctors knew what to do. I saw countless specialists in Toronto, where I grew up, and even in the United States, flying down to Boston with my mom when I was little. I had MRIs and enough X-rays to make me feel like I would glow with radiation. But due to how advanced my case was, doctors kept saying there was nothing they could do.

Before I had surgery at the age of 15, my entire left calf and foot were noticeably bigger than my those on my right, and swollen with purple veins. My leg didn’t bother me all that much physically. I mean, it ached a lot if I stood for a while, and when I started to shave, I had to avoid the scab-like portions or they’d bleed for an hour if I mistakenly cut them. Otherwise, I could walk, run, ride a bike, and do whatever else kids did. It was the emotional stuff that was the real problem. Cont…Read full original article…

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12 September, 2017, 5:30 pm

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