“I live naked”. How to take advantage of insulation to reconnect with your body

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“I’m in balls” is a very graphic, very sensory way of describing uncertainty and vulnerability . We are in balls when we don’t know what’s next. We are in balls when we do not know what happens, when we do not know what to do. But we are naked, too, when we become easy to read, when our shields go to hell and show ourselves as we are . We have all been deep in balls these past few months. We have experienced existential nudity that made our favorite pajamas and even our own home uncomfortable. We have been so naked that many of us have literally decided to put ourselves in balls to face the issue: in everyday life, abandoning bodices, thongs and jeans; and in our fantasies, running naked towards the sea, towards lakes, meadows and mountains. Some of us have quickly concluded that when it comes to being in balls, there is nothing better than being in balls. Take off everything and follow us …

Justina Soulas is a photographer who portrayed her days of nude isolation in the series she called "Quarantines."
Justina Soulas Justina Soulas is a photographer who portrayed her days of nude isolation in the series she called “Quarantines.”

Sensitivity as a refuge

The body is not what we are led to believe: a moldable material for training, displaying and showing off. The body is, first of all, a brilliant, deep and magnificent radar. A radar that captures what happens inside and also what happens outside. The skin is the most sensitive area of ​​that radar, it is the one that gives us information that we sometimes tend to underestimate: sensations. We tend to take off our clothes in the running of the bulls just looking for sensations. They compose a language that we know very well: the first that we understood when we arrived in the world and that is intimately linked to the way our brain is mapped throughout life. It not only receives and decodes them, but is also affected by them, since they delimit and structure it. Thanks to genetic information that comes “loaded” on us, What we perceive through the skin and the senses is decisive to resignify an experience . Simply put, when you are experiencing something difficult, giving yourself beautiful and pleasurable sensations is a simple way to start building a shelter.

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Source: La Nacion

Original publication 13 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 5th August 2020

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