I had a dream… and it came true.

I had a dream… and it came true.

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What would you say is the definition of success? 

Stereotypically, when we think of successful people we think of wealthy people. Yet everyone has their own version of success and even the smallest achievements are still successes. I don’t believe success is how much money you have in the bank, or how many people recognise your achievements. I used to think a happy life equals a successful life, but then I realised happiness comes and goes, it can last for months or just flitter through you for a brief moment. So I’ve been thinking perhaps success is turning your dreams into reality. The dictionary definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Whatever aim we have for our day, whether it’s big or small, if we achieve it then that is a success, therefor we can all be successful everyday. It just comes down to whether we put our plans into action.

I had a dream… and it came true.

At the beginning of this summer I had a dream of getting multiple people naked in nature together. I had a fantasy (in the most innocent, non-sexual way) of having a group of around a dozen people all get naked and leap in the water together. A fantasy of creating my own tribe of like-minded people. Of building a community of friends who share the same love of nature and freedom as me. I dreamed of being able to help others push their boundaries and experience some liberation. I felt silly and naive to dream big. I felt arrogant to think I had some capability to help others. Honestly, I still feel egotistical to think that anyone cares or has a desire to listen to what I have to say. BUT, (and it is a big fat but) my experiences over the last three months have shown me that I can help people!

Childlike fun
Childlike fun

My dream became a reality: I achieved what I set out to do. Over the course of the last three months I have encouraged around 30 different people to get involved in our naked circus. For the creation of this guidebook we have travelled the country far and wide, enticing friends, family and strangers to join in our naked adventures. Just like many others, I’ve never had a lot of believe in my own capabilities and struggle with self-doubt. So I started the summer with a dream, but I was terrified to put that dream into action. Turns out the more I pushed myself, the more my confidence grew. From the very first stranger that I persuaded to join me for a skinny dip, my confidence in my dream began to build. I learnt very quickly that the only way to turn a dream into reality is through action. So I did what I’m always telling others to do; I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I approached strangers and I propositioned friends who I knew might think I was crazy. I put my story out to the world and opened myself up for rejection and ridicule. From taking risks, miracles can happen. What felt like a crazy girl’s fantasy idea, actually became reality.

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Source: Naked Kate

Original publication 11 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 25th June 2020

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