Hundreds of greenie cyclists bare all as they ride around Byron Bay to promote ‘body positivity’ for World Naked Bike Ride

  • The World Naked Bike Ride protests the use of fossil fuels and raises awareness for safe cycling on our roads
  • Now in its 12th year, pedestrians got an eye-full as men and women stripped down for Sunday’s ride
  • Some shier participants donned underwear, while most riders opted to bare all and cycle completely nude
  • Dozens of amused onlookers photographed the nude cyclists from the side of Byron Bay’s main street

Hundreds of cyclists have bared all for the World Naked Bike Ride around Byron with the aim of promoting body positivity, cyclist safety, and taking care of the environment.

Pedestrians got an eyefull as men and women stripped down for Sunday’s 12th annual ride around the coastal tourist town.

Credit Uncertain Dozens of amused onlookers were seen photographing the nude cyclists from the side of Byron Bay’s main street | Getty Images

Hundreds gathered in little more than a helmet, while most covered their bodies in colourful paint to cycle through Byron Bay’s main street.

The ride aimed to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to motorists, promote cycling as an alternative to cars, protest the use of fossil fuels, and to encourage positive body image for everyone.

Some shier participants donned underwear, but most brave riders opted to cycle completely nude.

One man wore a high-vis vest with ‘can you see me now?’ written on it, referencing one of the event’s purposes to promote road safety for cyclists.

Another man painted ‘give way’ on his back inside a triangle resembling an actual road sign, while others had ‘get naked Australia’ scrawled on their torsos.

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Source: Daily Mail

Original publication 15 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 1st April 2021

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