Jen Cairns, Peter Lindeman, Rohan Lindeman, Dearne Weaver, and Amanda McCormack on Yarralumla Beach, Lake Burley Griffin.

Hundreds expected for winter solstice nude charity swim in Lake Burley Griffin


The good news was that it was above freezing. They didn’t actually have to break any ice.

But the bad news was that Lake Burley Griffin in winter was still cold enough to freeze the round objects from a monkey made of brass.

All the same, five doughty swimmers stripped off and waded in with squeals and brave smiles.

It was what you might call a dry run for the big event on the dawn of Monday, June 21.

Last year’s Nude Charity Swim was restricted to two people because of Covid. The year before, about 170 people braved the lake.

The 2019 swim at Yarralumla Bay.
Credit Uncertain The 2019 swim at Yarralumla Bay. / Karleen Minney

“It feels like some kind of extreme sport. It’s incredibly exhilarating,” Dearne Weaver claimed as she emerged on Wednesday.

“You count down and do it. Keep breathing and do it, with possibly a lot of screaming.”

The day of the swim each year is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It marks the start of the days getting longer and the gradual return to warmer days. It is, therefore, a day of hope.

“The best thing about it is the idea of letting go of the baggage of the old lunar year and bringing in the new lunar year. It’s a bit of a restart,” Ms Weaver said.

“It’s really fun,” she asserted. This will be her fifth: “Every year, it feels hard and wild and crazy and fantastic.”

Last year because of Covid regulations, just two brave people took part.

This year, organisers are hoping for 300 plus. In order to swim naked – or doing anything naked – in Lake Burley Grffin, you have to apply for a “nudity instrument”, one of the swim’s organisers, Ben Johnston said. They have applied for one with a cap of 400 people.

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Source: The Canberra Times

Original publication 26 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 29th May 2021

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