How young naturists can interest others in social nudity


Here’s a topic that absolutely needs to be discussed. This thread on Reddit galvanized the following response. If you’re a young person who’s very interested in social nudity, you’ll probably need to take the initiative to find others who share your interest. Don’t wait for someone else to solve the problem for you.

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This is the very first step: Talk to as many of your friends as possible about naturism and invite them to participate in naturist activities. It’s true, as you very probably know, that most active naturists are several decades older than you. So it’s difficult to find naturist activities where there are people your age. The solution is obvious: bring any friends with you who’re willing to learn about naturism.

You may find that many of your friends are willing to go to clothing-optional places if they won’t be pressured or required to get fully naked. They may decide to get naked after they feel more comfortable with the idea. But even if they don’t right away, they may consider the possibility sometime later. However that may be, when you’re with friends you won’t feel so out of place at a naturist venue where most others are older.

The truth is that most naturist places don’t strictly require nudity. At most landed clubs or resorts, nudity is required only around the pool or in spas or saunas. Most “clothing-optional” beaches are exactly as the term implies – there’s no expectation that everyone must be naked.

I’ve already covered the problems that young people face in getting involved with naturism: Facts that deter young people from participating in naturism. Now it’s time to explore how young people can get around the obstacles.

You’re probably able to help solve the real problem yourself
What you really want is to find somewhere to enjoy social nudity with many others near your age. Your best bet is to make that happen by your own efforts. In small groups that you could organize yourself for hiking or camping, everyone can decide for themselves how much or how little clothing to wear. There are many other possibilities for people to get together in private groups where nudity is acceptable.

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Original publication 11 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 2nd April 2021

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