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How to stay cheerful in the torrent of miserable news

I have been searching the newspapers over the past week for encouraging news, but I have not been all that successful. The news seems to have been uniformly bleak. Neighbour has been turned against neighbour, friend against friend. There is no peace in the land.


The times in which we live are undoubtedly distressing, but so, I suspect, have been the times in which everyone has lived. And that leads to an interesting philosophical problem: how are we to react to the tensions, and setbacks that assail us every time we open a newspaper or listen to a news broadcast? This is where the nocebo effect comes in. We all know about the placebo effect, which may make you feel better because you think that what you are doing is going to have a positive effect. The nocebo effect is the opposite of that – it is the negative effect that people feel when they think that things are bad, and are going to get worse. In extreme cases, it can kill you. If you think you are going downhill, you will.

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Source: inews

Original publication March 19th 2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st March 2019

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