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How to start living clothes free


Living clothes free is all about enjoying being naked for a day, a week or life. It’s about being comfortable in our own body while alone, friends, family and strangers. It may sound weird. Who would want to get naked in front of others? And this is not the right question to ask, or at least, it should be shorted: who would want to get naked? The answer is anybody who consider nudity as normal and natural. This is all the nudists and naturists of this world, and this represents millions of people. The beauty of social nudity is that once you start, you never go back to wearing clothes when you can avoid them. So how to start?
The First Step: indoor
You probably get naked once or twice a day to take a shower or a bath, don’t you? Now, think about the following. What if after your daily shower, let’s take the evening one when you come back from work, you decide to stay naked. Yes, all naked, no clothes. You will watch TV, or prepare dinner, all naked!

What’s the purpose? Just to get used to being naked and doing something you are not used to do clothes free, like, as I wrote, watch TV or have dinner. Of course, this will be weird at the beginning. You will find something is missing, and you’ll be right, your clothes will be missing. However, pay attention to your sensations. How does it feel to be naked? Good and comfortable? Weird and uncomfortable?

If it’s the latter, it’s all normal as society and religion have generally taught us that nudity is bad. You’ll have to rewire your brain to teach it that nudity is good. There’s nothing inherently sexual about nudity, it’s all a construction of the perception society wants you to have. We need to deconstruct this and replace it with the perception that nudity is good, normal and comfortable. So what if, you are not 100% comfortable while nude but want to give it a try? This is normal, and as the saying goes, fake it until you make it! Get naked for 10 minutes, then get clothed and commit the next day to get naked for 15 minutes. Build this gradually. Don’t be in a hurry it will come, and at one point, you will not realize you are naked, being so comfortable!

Before jumping into our second step, one question remains. What if you are not living alone? Can you still do it? Yes! Of course, this will require another preliminary step: having the agreement of the people you are living with that you will spend some time naked. Let’s be clear, this can be too big an ask for many. Therefore you are left with remaining naked within your room for the time being, and move to step two faster.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 1 December, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 18th December 2020

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