The rewards of social nudity

How to “sell” others on the rewards of social nudity

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If you enjoy social nudity and consider yourself a naturist you understand why nudity is a very good thing – a great thing in fact. You can quickly think of a number of points supporting a positive opinion of nudity and naturism.

Once you’ve realized you find being naked quite enjoyable, it’s necessary to face the issue of whether to tell others about it. Of course, this step is often difficult to take. Hopefully, however, you can convince yourself to do it. And once you have, a good next step is persuading others to try social nudity themselves. You would like others you know to try naturism too, right? This article will present a strong reason for taking both steps – and then using that reason to persuade others as well.

If you’ve already begun discussing naturism with others, you’ve probably found that it’s difficult to convince them sufficiently of the positives that they’ll try it too. If you truly enjoy nudity, then you almost certainly want others close to you also to enjoy it. So let’s look at another good reason for social nudity – besides how good it feels – that might be persuasive – a reason in which nudity itself isn’t the main factor.

Naturists often wonder what are the best arguments for promoting social nudity to others. There are a variety of ideas. Tell how good it feels to be naked. List various (possible) health benefits of nudity. Explain how body acceptance is greatly improved by often going without clothes. And so on. I’ve suggested 11 arguments for nudity. If you don’t see one or more of your favorites there, I’ll mention other lists below.

But there’s one argument that’s hardly ever mentioned, and perhaps little recognized. People who have significant interests- especially some (like naturism) that are rather uncommon – often have difficulty finding friends who share that interest. The argument is that participating in social nudity can be a significant help with that – for interests that are unrelated to naturism.

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Original publication 19 November, 2020

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