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How To (Legally) Celebrate National Nude Day [USA]

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Sunday, July 14 is National Nude Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the benefits of naturism and nudism. (While some use the terms interchangeably, other use naturism to refer to a philosophical approach to social nudity, and nudism to refer to a more casual approach to occasional social nudity.) If you enjoy the occasional skinny dip, this is a great time to embrace your naturist impulses and let it all hang out. On the other hand, if you’re only ever naked in the shower, this day is a chance to consider if you really want to live life as a never-nude.


“Naturism offers a unique combination of recreational activity, social engagement, healthy lifestyle, and environmental philosophy all rolled into one,” explains Liz Egger, author of The Complete Guide To Nudism, Naturism & Nudists. Naturists believe that going nude outdoors is beneficial to your health and decreases the risk of certain diseases. For some, there’s also a spiritual aspect — famous naturist Paris Jackson has said that naturism helps her connect with “Mama Gaia.”

Despite common misconceptions, nudism is not sexual, degrading, or dangerous to children, Egger says. “That’s what I call ‘lewdism,’ and it is practiced by those who are unable to separate nudity from sex. For them, nudity is just another sex aid,” she explains. “Real, genuine naturism, as it is practiced by millions of ordinary genuine naturists, is a natural, wholesome and refreshing remedy to the pressures of modern life.”

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Source: Refinery29

Original publication JULY 13, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 17th July 2019

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