Topless female cyclist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 2016.

How to go bare-chested without creating a stir


I have received several requests from women this month to share my thoughts on how to start going bare-chested where it is established as legal, but still socially new, when all you want to do is have a quiet day free of attention and fuss.

Normalizing female bare-chestedness means reducing the psychological and emotional reaction people have when seeing the female breast. My life goal for topfreedom is to normalize bare-chestedness to the point where women can comfortably go bare-chested at family picnics and pool parties as easily as men can if they so choose. Realistically, that is probably decades away in places and will be a generational process. All normalization is. Bare-chested men created a stir at first too, but as people became accustomed to seeing the male chest, its effect has fallen to nil.

Plenty of families nearby… no drama.
Credit Uncertain Ocean City, Maryland. Summer 2015. Plenty of families nearby… no drama.

In order for that process to occur with female bare-chestedness, at least some women will have to go bare-chested in public on a regular basis. But it is important that the choice to go bare-chested rest with the woman herself, and that she does so when and only when she is ready and willing to do so.

With that said, there are already many places and settings where certain types of bare-chestedness are already virtually normalized.

I am obviously comfortable going bare-chested in crowded places with people watching and reacting. As I emphasize often, I enjoy the feeling of freedom bare-chestedness gives me, and I make most of my bare-chested outings simply for my enjoyment, but at times I am also clearly walking in places aimed at prompting conversation and raising awareness. Those outings are the ones that tend to get viewed on social media the most, which is fine, that’s part of the goal, but through all of this I have also learned how to pretty much avoid attention while bare-chested too, and that is what I want to share with the women who have written to me recently asking me how to do this without becoming a topic of conversation on social media.

So here are some ideas for getting started. This presumes female bare-chestedness is legal where you will be and the police know it is legal.

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Original publication 19 June, 2016

Posted on NatCorn 11th May 2021

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