How To Feel Comfortable Naked Every Day

How To Feel Comfortable Naked Every Day


Celebrating your birthday suit.

Nudity isn’t for everyone, but for me, it’s everything. Put simply, being naked is my natural state of being and wearing clothes feels restrictive. I understand that for many people this may sound ‘too much’, or perhaps it challenges people because the only time they’re naked is in the shower. Either way, I respect that we are all unique in our attitude towards nudity, but what I think we all need to agree on is spending time nude is completely normal and natural, and nudity is downright sexy.

So, what if you want to spend more time naked, but you lack the confidence to go ahead and do it? Here are some of my top tips on how to break through your fear and honour your inner nudist:

Your body is your temple, treat it that way

Our body is a sacred vessel that houses our soul, it’s important that we treat it like a temple and worship it for it’s beauty and wisdom (just as we would worship a God or Goddess). Treat yourself to indulgent massages, body oils & baths. Only eat healthy, organic food and exercise regularly. When you put your health first you will find that you feel more comfortable in your own skin, which means you will feel at ease when taking your clothes off and exposing your skin to fresh air. Your body is your temple, treat it that way.

Embrace your curves and the body you were born with

I know it’s easier said than done, but if you can learn to embrace your body shape then it will mean that you feel more confident without clothes on. When you feel confident you radiate and sparkle and are more likely to enjoy nudity. Many of us have body image challenges that can be traced way back to our childhood — it’s time to face what it is that is holding you back from embracing your body and, if you do so, nudity will be a lot more enjoyable for you.

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Original publication 27 June, 2016

Posted on NatCorn 20th March 2021

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