njoy nudity at home if you live with people who aren’t accustomed to nudity

How to enjoy nudity at home if you live with people who aren’t accustomed to nudity


The first step in “normalizing nudity” is to spend as much time as possible naked at home. The people you live with are usually the most important people who need to be comfortable with your nudity. If anyone you live with isn’t comfortable with even the idea that you might be naked at home, then you may have to be secretive about it with them, at least initially. That’s often difficult and not really a good idea for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that you’ll be constrained on when and where you can be naked – and you’ll always be afraid they’ll find out you enjoy nudity. You may even feel that what you are doing is “wrong” or “shameful” – which will certainly cripple your enjoyment of nudity.

This note is all about starting to be naked at home in the presence of others you live with – a spouse, unmarried partner, children, relatives, a good friend or friends, or just others you’re sharing a living space with. I’ll focus mostly on adults you live with, since children may be an additional complication. If you are living with children – and you’re not a single parent – you’ll also need to have the approval of your partner.

Unless you’re sure that you must be secretive about your interest in nudity, the very first step is to let as many as possible of those you live with know about this interest. Depending on the quality of your relationship with a particular person, you could just pick a suitable time and tell them plainly that you’d like to be naked at home. But don’t try that if you’re not confident your relationship is good enough that the immediate reaction won’t be disapproval.

Perhaps you’ve already discussed the idea in a general way with the person, without indicating that you have a serious interest in being naked. For instance, the idea may have come up based on something you or the other has read about naturism, nude beaches, or anything else involving nonsexual nudity. In this case, you should have at least some idea of how the other person feels about being around a naked person. That should help you guess how easy or difficult it may be to explain your desire to be naked.

But suppose the subject of being nonsexually naked with others hasn’t ever come up. You could, of course, bring it up casually yourself. For example, you might mention that you’ve read about, or heard about from someone, an event or activity of some sort that involves nonsexual nudity and caught your attention. It might be anything – something about nude beaches, a World Naked Bike Ride, nude yoga, or whatever. You needn’t just blurt out that the idea rather piqued your interest. You might simply say that you wonder how it felt to participate in that event or activity, or you wonder how much courage was needed to participate. That’s certainly a good approach if you think the other person is open-minded enough not to clearly dismiss the whole idea out of hand.

There’s another way to bring up the subject of nonsexual nudity without at first disclosing how much it interests you. That’s to visit, together with the other person, a museum or art gallery where photos, paintings, or other works of art involving nudity are on display. If there’s no museum or art gallery handy, you could purchase one or more books with artistic nudity and leave them in a visible location. Many people have this strange way of accepting or approving of nudity when it’s presented as “art” – rather than as something encountered in “real life”.

However, if you have little or no idea how another person might react to nudity, an alternative is to leave some clues around your living space that suggest an interest in naturist nudity. Perhaps you just leave your computer unattended with something about naturism on the screen. Or you obtain a book or magazine about naturism or artistic nudity and leave it around where it could be seen. If you’re lucky, the other person will bring up the subject on their own.

There are ways you can actually spend a lot of time naked without necessarily encountering objections. For instance, just start going to bed naked – if you’re not already doing that. If you sleep alone in a private room that shouldn’t be a problem at all. You could then let this “secret” get out – if you think it wouldn’t invite unfavorable comments. If you sleep with someone else, there shouldn’t be any problem, especially before or after lovemaking. However you do it, sleeping naked should be an uncontroversial way to let others know that you enjoy nudity. Another possibility, if you have a private spa or swimming pool, is to let it be known that you want to enjoy those things naked. This, again, shouldn’t be too controversial, especially if it can be done out of sight of anyone who might object.

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Original publication 17 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 5th February 2021

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