How to blog about naturism
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How to blog about naturism

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In the U. S. we have a holiday that commemorates an event in 1620 when (supposedly) some of the first immigrants to this (future) country from England enjoyed a feast together with indigenous people. Besides giving thanks for surviving a difficult sea voyage, the immigrants were thankful for the freedom from burdens on their lives they felt in their old country. Among these burdens was being persecuted for their beliefs and customs – just as anti-nudity laws and censorship in social media persecute naturists.

So this was an exemplary social event celebrating freedom. If you’re a naturist, this probably sounds like something you’re familiar with: the pleasure of sharing with others the freedom from wearing clothes.

How to blog about naturism
Credit Uncertain How to blog about naturism

I’ve been planning to add my 2 cents to this article: Our Best Tips for Aspiring Naturist Bloggers. Just getting to it now. The article has a lot of useful advice, but it started me thinking about many additional things to say. It’s sort of surprising there aren’t many more naturist blogs – because there’s so much good stuff to write about.

The article touches on the problem of why there are few active blogs about naturism and social nudity. I addressed that issue here. The objective in those two articles, and here, is to encourage other interested naturists to start their own blog on the subject. It’s easy to blog about naturism fairly anonymously, if you prefer, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

Probably the main reasons there aren’t more active naturists blogs include concerns about how to get started, one’s personal writing skills, how to actually set up and run a blog, and – especially – how to come up with ideas on naturist topics that haven’t already been thoroughly covered.

Thinking of good ideas to write about is probably the biggest hurdle you may face as a blogger. But it’s actually easier than you might suppose. The key here is to avoid topics that have already been written about many times. Instead, write about your own perspectives and experiences with naturism. That theme runs through many of the suggested ideas you’ll find below.

Not all of those ideas will be relevant to you, so pick and choose. The personal touch is what matters most. Everyone, after all, is a unique individual. And naturists are inevitably more unique than most, because their feelings about nudity are so different from those of most of the population. That’s something to be proud of. When two paths diverge in the woods, naturists take the one less traveled by – and that makes all the difference. (h/t Robert Frost)

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Original publication 25 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th December 2020

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