How to behave at a nudist resort

How to behave at a nudist resort

That’s it, you’ve made your decision. This is your first visit to a nudist resort and you are wondering how it will be. Rest assured, there is every chance that things will go well and that your naturist stay will be the start of a great and beautiful adventure where nudity, simplicity and conviviality will play a central role.
If there was just one tip for you, it’s this: don’t get confused! Be yourself. Act normally. Behave naturally, as you would anywhere else. A naturist center is only different from a non-naturist space by the practice of nudity together. It’s huge, you may tell! From the point of view of naturism, no. It’s just normal. Hands apart from nudity, everything remains the same. It’s normal that you are asking yourself questions. A second piece of advice for the very first time: when you arrive, share with the reception personnel that you are a beginner. All the centers will give you a special welcome and will do everything to make you comfortable.

Get naked in your body, get naked in your mind

The first rule of a nudist resort is therefore to get naked. Yep, that’s what you came for, right? You will probably have to go through the reception as soon as you arrive. If the staff can be naked there, you will no doubt be dressed, unless you have traveled naked, as I often do in the car, but that’s another story. At the reception, the staff can offer you a tour of the center. You can do it naked or not. The rules are flexible, especially with the beginners and new visitors.

I advise you to strip off as quickly as possible, including when visiting the resort. Rest assured, you are in a nudist resort, nudity is the rule. So, don’t wait! The longer you wait, the more questions you ask yourself, the more doubt you allow to settle. The easiest thing, in my opinion, is to undress when you arrive. If you are modest, use the bathroom to undress in privacy, if not, undress on the spot and put your things in a bag or in your car.

The first time other people see you naked, it might feel weird. This feeling goes away quickly, especially when you realize that perfection does not exist, that other naturists are not magazine models and that no one is paying attention to your nakedness. In fact, nudity, if it is a rule, is “invisible.” It is not a center of interest. At first you will think that everyone is going to be watching you, but you will quickly find that they are not. Or rather, yes, other naturists will no doubt be smiling and friendly, and will naturally come to say hello. You have just joined the large naturist family, made of respect and friendliness.

To get naked physically is also to get naked mentally. For some, this pushes the limits of comfort and can be psychologically unsettling for a time. You feel as if you are totally discovering yourself, which physically is true. Pushing back the limits of comfort also means building greater self-confidence, a greater acceptance of one’s own differences, scars and flaws. It is actually getting stronger. So, if you are not totally comfortable for the first few hours, tell yourself that this is normal, but temporary. You are building a better version of yourself.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 27 October, 2020

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