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How to become nudist?

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How to become nudist?
You want to become nudist? You heard about nudism / naturism and you think this is perfect for you. But where do you start with that kind of lifestyle? How to become nudist? Do you just take off your clothes and walk around naked proudly saying “I´m a nudist!”? NO. It is not just as simple as that and there are several valid reasons for that. So, let´s start – step by step guide on how to become nudist from my personal experience.

First things first – feeling good in your skin

This can sound unnecessarily to say but thrust me this is the most important step when becoming a nudist / naturist. Feeling good in your skin can be so much more harder when you have absolutely no clothes on. That means you can´t simply hide your small or big imperfections. You can´t even accent things you love about yourself.

That can be hard for both men and women. We all look different, and we all have different definitions of what looks good. And, let´s be honest – we all want to look good. No matter how good we look to the others we will always find something on our bodies we are not happy with. That is just how it is.

But nudist beach is not catwalk! And don´t ever forget that. Nudist beach is not a place reserved for top models. Regular people just like me and you, people that have couple of kilos too much, people that have couple of kilos too many, short, tall, with long legs, with short legs… that are the people that you will see on a nudist beach. Normal people you can see everyday in your neighbourhood with two important things in common – they feel good in their skin and they love being naked. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication 22/02/2018

Posted on NatCorn 27th February 2018

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