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How to act around nudists

For almost two years we have been publishing two articles per week for nudists. Tips, tricks, stories, Naturist Talks and lots of reviews of all the nudist places we’ve visited.
Well, sorry fellow nudies, but we thought it was time for a change. This article is not for you. This one is for the textiles.

The idea was brought to us via an e-mail from one of our readers. Many nudists have textile friends and family and even though they know a little bit about the lifestyle, they know you like to be naked and they know that it’s not about sex, sometimes it’s still a bit awkward. Especially when they unexpectedly ring your doorbell and suddenly you’re standing there butt naked in front of them.

Their cheeks turn red.

They have no idea where (or where not) to look.

They want to say something but the words are not coming. Or certainly not in the right order.

And you wonder… “I told her that I was a nudist, right?”

What were you supposed to do? It’s your best friend for god’s sake. Should you be putting on pants and a bra for your best friend?

Some time ago we already gave you this basic guide for living with a nudie that you could send around to all your friends, family and colleagues to explain in a nutshell what nudism is all about. Here’s an addendum for the guide, which explains how THEY should behave.

So actually… This article is for you anyway. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication July 26, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 22nd August 2018

2 thoughts on “How to act around nudists

  1. One Last Item
    It’s important to note if being nude is healthy, why are all the people who are scared of nudism have problems with life.
    Be nude and be yourself no one judges but oneself.


  2. I have come up with a help to others who are nudist or want to be.
    So Why … Interrupt Your Naturist Lifestyle, When the House Cleaner Arrives At Your Door?

    Since we are busy now I am looking into expanding. Painting, Handyman work, these are things that are getting popular. The best thing is the person doing the work is comfortable and I find that the home owner or customer wants to be nude too.
    This way all is normal.

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