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How Living in a nude-restrictive place made me a naturist
I have almost always been drawn to naturism. And for most of my adult life I have practiced nudism both publicly and privately. But it was not until I move to a nude-restrictive place where nudity in most any form is frowned up that my passion for the practice kicked into high gear.

From nudist paradise

A year ago I moved from the relatively nude-positive southern coast of Spain. Living in the center of the city of Malaga, I had several sanctioned nude beaches to choose from within a 30-minute drive or less. I often rode my bicycle to one beach which was not officially nudist, but where most goers basked clothes-free on the little-trafficked sand. The particular beach sat between two branches of a river bordered by a nature preserve. So the relative isolation meant few people took the time nor made the effort to visit it. And so, naturism could be enjoyed without much problem.

However, another beach near the heart of the city also afforded opportunities for naked recreation. This beach was part of what had once been a large private spa club with tennis courts and a charming canteen. The primary stretch of sand there was visible from the coastal highway and was not clothing-optional. But a smaller stretched tucked around the side of the small peninsula of the property presented no such restriction. Like the river delta beach, it was not officially clothing-optional. But nudity was allowed there. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nudist Planet

Original publication August 12, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 15th February 2018

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