How Being A Nudist Affected My Mental Health

How Being A Nudist Affected My Mental Health


I know, I know. It’s been a hot minute since I have been social, much less taken the time to sit down and do some writing. My coffee is done brewing, so let me grab that and we’ll start. (a few moments later) Truth is I’ve had a lot going on lately and I just needed to take some time away from people, virtual or in person. This month would have been my 21st anniversary, so that has been affecting me a bit along with some other drama being stirred up. Parenting can be tough, especially when you have two different methods and they compete while being separated. I have gotten a number of emails and messages from you all, and I greatly appreciate your concern and checking up on me. I’ve had a couple readers ask me about how nudity or being a nudist has affected my mental health, or how to cope with a limited amount of time to be naked when being naked brings so much happiness. I was going to send an email back to each person giving my thoughts, but I needed a good topic to write about, and I needed a bit of motivation to get my butt in gear and start writing. At least it can get my mind off everything else. I apologize in advance if this post seems to be a bit…scatter brained? I have a lot of thoughts that are about to spew out, so please try to follow my madness.

It goes without saying the last 12 months have been rather difficult for most of us. The outbreak of COVID-19 essentially sparked a paradigm shift for the entire world. Anyone who could work from home did, those who couldn’t had to risk infection by going in, or you were among the many who essentially lost their job due to furloughs or business closings. It’s been quite difficult and one that has caused a great deal of stress, anxiety, and depression. I would love to see the stats on the number of people who sought out mental health services during this time. Personally, I immediately saw an increase in my stress levels just because we were all home 24/7 with no way to decompress. There was no commute to give us that “me” time we all desire, and we seemed to go from one room to the next with no break in duties, especially for parents of small children. Reminds me a bit of my post A Shackled Nudist and that feeling of being…trapped. Trying to work and home school at the same time adds an exponential amount of stress.

Rise In Naked Time

I’ve always considered myself a “nudist” or at least adverse to clothing, and I would be naked any chance I got. Even as a kid, my clothes would come off at some point. Not much has changed in adulthood except I’m much more conscience of when I choose to do it. My biggest concern is not offending or bothering someone else. It is my choice to be naked, and not their choice to see me. As the pandemic went on I started having more and more stress put on me. I had no means to escape the constant calling of work in my office, chores around the house, or the demands of my family. I love my family to death, but I needed some space and me time. Seeing what this was doing to me I made the choice to add things into my life that would bring me some peace and happiness. The first thing I started doing was sleeping naked again. I finally gave up on the worry of being questioned or that my special needs daughter would get in bed with us in the middle of the night. I needed to sleep good at night, and the best way for me to do that was be as comfortable as I could be. So, I would go to bed first and keep a shirt next to the bed to put on if need be. I went to bed first so I wouldn’t be questioned why I was sleeping naked, and the shirt would help cover up, if needed. It’s a shame I had to do that, but it was my “compromise” if I was going to do what helped me feel better. It was worth it to me.

The next thing I did was basically get up early in the morning so I could let the dog out, drink my coffee, and start work/my day in the buff. I did this everyday until about 10 or 11 when everyone started waking up. Although it was only like 4-6 hours a day in the morning, I immediately noticed a difference in how I felt mentally, and how I was feeling about myself physically. I did this for months and it was such a change in how I had lived before. I had decided that I needed this to feel better. As time went on and things started to fall apart in my marriage, it was this time alone in the nude that helped me to get through things. I was saddened how things were going, and I knew deep down there most likely wouldn’t be any reconciliation. This was made clear when we started living apart.

Back in late July-August time frame we had a conversation that solidified the separation and we essentially went our separate ways. I remained in the home and he went to his mom’s to stay. I didn’t have anywhere else to go since my family live back in my home state. We ended up splitting the time with the kids about 50/50. During the times they were away I pretty much lived naked 100% of the time. There were times that I would go 4-5 days without putting on a stitch of clothing. I had no need to. I bought groceries about once a week and I would cook all of my meals. The only time I put on clothes was if I needed to go outside or if someone came to the door. I can say without any reservation that my happiness increases and my general stress decreased the longer I was naked. Why is that? I think it is the simple fact that I like being clothes free, and it’s something I can do that brings me joy. I’m sure the same can be said if you’re playing your favorite board game, or visiting you favorite restaurant. Things you enjoy bring you happiness, and for me that is being without clothes. Also, as an added bonus, my body learned to regulate its temperature, so I don’t get cold as often, and my laundry is way dawn (like two, maybe three outfits a week). Generally, it’s a win-win for me. Full disclosure…I keep a small space heater next to my desk for when I am sitting still for a long period of time. 

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Original publication 31 March, 2021

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