How a beach becomes nude, and why people like getting naked in public

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Walk along the coastline of Waiheke Island and you may stumble upon a nude beach. But who decides if a beach is nude or not, and why do people like getting naked in winter?

Take a walk along the coast of Waiheke Island and you’re likely to find fat kererū on sagging branches, classic fish n’ chip shops and nudists.

They pop up out of the woods without warning. Crisscross around the beach boulders, or over the spiked black rocks and there you have it: Nudity and a kererū on the sea shore.

Waiheke Island's Little Palm Beach is one of the many nudist-friendly beaches around New Zealand.
Waiheke Island’s Little Palm Beach is one of the many nudist-friendly beaches around New Zealand.

Even in the middle of winter, when the clothed beaches remain almost empty and people steer clear of the Hauraki waters, you will still find a few bare bottoms on Waiheke’s Little Palm Beach.

There was news, recently, saying nude beaches were becoming less popular worldwide – but New Zealand appears to be bucking that trend

For instance, the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is getting ready to celebrate its 70th anniversary in a few weeks.

The club, which owns its own retreat in the forests of Ranui out in West Auckland, includes more than 200 paid members who enjoy being free of clothing.

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Original publication Aug 11 2019

Posted on NatCorn 25th August 2019

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