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Hike Naked Day

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Every year on the first day of summer we officially celebrate the summer solstice with an unofficial holiday of Hike Naked Day. While this can be fun, adventurous, exhilarating, uplifting, and any number feelings, one must be careful to not be arrested if using public lands. Where I’m from it was sometimes dubbed Hike Naked on the Appalachian Trail Day. During this time of the year, thru-hikers were often more prevalent as they are making their way from Georgia to Maine during the warmer months of the year. While nudity isn’t addressed for federal lands in the laws, and much of the land the AT traverses in Northern Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Central Virginia is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, attempting to be naked on the AT could sometimes be problematic at best. Although these lands are federal, the state and local laws could bring you a bit of trouble with citations if you’re not careful.

Off the trail to see the river
Off the trail to see the river

Over the past several years, the Hike Naked on the AT has become more well known with local law enforcement and game wardens. The most popular trail heads and populated areas have been seeing more oversight to help control all the “crazy” naked people “exposing” themselves to unsuspecting bystander’s. Not everyone is aware of this unofficial holiday, and with it being so close to Father’s Day each year, there are growing fears naked hikers may wonder upon a family outing. From their perspective I can completely understand why they feel the need to police the area. It may be our choice to be naked, but we should not force our way of life onto others when they clearly don’t want it. At the very least they want to avoid awkward questions from their children.

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Original publication 1 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 18th June 2020

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