Hell is Paperwork


Oh, God. Retirement paperwork is such a pain in the ass. Old fashioned paperwork where you have to write pages of stuff by hand.

I get a message on my cell phone saying, “This is Octavia. You missed some things in your retirement paperwork. You need to call us.”

What she didn’t mention is her company or her phone number. I have multiple pensions coming in from different former employers. And no company handles their own pensions anyhow, it is all outsourced. I call the phone number on the caller ID and I get a message, “We don’t take pension calls here. Contact your employer.”

Who are “we?”

I’m looking in my email for a notice. None is forthcoming. Off to the websites for my various pensions I go. Now I find my passwords don’t work anymore. Shit. (That happens if you don’t log in frequently enough to some sites. They delete your login.) I start calling them directly. The first one on my list is Lockheed, where I worked for a decade in aerospace.

After a long hold and getting transferred around a couple of times, I finally reach someone who can help. Someone who sounded tired and irritated. On this page I didn’t initial, I just put in a checkmark. (I have a copy of the page. I clearly show initials.) One page my wife didn’t sign. (There are instructions saying that she didn’t need to sign if I took the standard package with her as my sole beneficiary.) Yet another page where I see I really didn’t fill it out completely. It has all been mailed to me for correction, so why am I calling them?

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Source: This is my place.

Original publication 26 April, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 6th May 2021

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