A Naturist Woman’s Perspective

Haulover Beach for the First Time: A Naturist Woman’s Perspective


Legally recognized clothing-optional beaches are difficult to find when traveling in the United States, so when I had a chance to visit one, I was excited.
Haulover Beach came highly recommended by friends who ironically, were on an extended stay in Florida from the United Kingdom. They raved about what a nice beach it was and that on their next visit over, they would plan another trip there.

So, off we went to check out Haulover on our recent trip to Florida.

Haulover Beach for the First Time
A Naturist Woman’s Perspective

Traveling down the A1A, the closest parking lot is the Marine center. Turn right and park in the lot. As the day progresses, the parking lot fills up but there are other parking lots near the Marine center that entail a slightly longer walk to the beach. Parking is by automated machine and the cost was $7.00.

After you park, look for the tunnels under the road that take you to the beach. The tunnels are numbered so be sure to remember what tunnel you took for easy return. There are also bathrooms on the beachside just outside the tunnels so be sure to avail yourself of them before getting to the beach. You must be dressed from the parking lot until you cross into the nude area.

For reference, Haulover Beach contains a regular, public, non-nude area as well as the clothing-optional portion. The nude portion can be identified by, well, nude beachgoers, but the physical landmarks are the low bamboo-type fencing on either side and the Lifeguard towers numbered 13-16. Men seemed to gravitate to the ends of the nude area, around towers 13 and 16. Towers 14 and 15 appeared to have the majority of couples.

My husband and I were there on a Sunday and the beach was crowded which we took as a good sign.

There is ample beach to stake your claim. There is a drop-off to the water where a lot of people stroll between the sun worshipers and the ocean.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 17 November, 2020

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