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Happy St Pirans Day to all our followers and naturist communities in Cornwall

Happy St Pirans Day to all our followers and naturist communities in Cornwall.

St Piran Day Perranporth
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Saint Piran or Pyran (Cornish: Peran, Latin: Piranus), died c. 480, was a 5th-century Cornish abbot and saint, supposedly of Irish origin. He is the patron saint of tin-miners, and is also generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall, although Saint Michael and Saint Petroc also have some claim to this title.

St Piran’s Day started as one of the many tinners’ holidays observed by the tin miners of Cornwall. Other miners’ holidays of a similar nature include Picrous Day and Chewidden Thursday. The miners of Breage and Germoe observed St Piran’s feast day as that of their patron saint until at least 1764.

Posted on NatCorn 5th March 2019

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