A hair here, a hair there

Hair removal

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Does hair removal hurt?

As we already know, the human body is covered with skin, but also with hair.

They are important, however, being part of our body, we must treat them in the best possible way.

Many do not do it out of shame of their bodies, out of laziness or fear.

A hair here, a hair there
A hair here, a hair there

It is good to know that depilating does absolutely not harm our body.

Often he breathes better and remains more orderly.

If you do it for hygiene, it is clear that you sweat more.

But it is also true that we must take care of ourselves by washing our body of any dead cells that have settled on our epidermis.

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Source: Nude Nature

Original publication 23 August 2015

Posted on NatCorn 19th October 2019

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