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Camping and naturism have gone together from the very beginning of naturism. A rustic naturist camp or nudist camp was the typical gathering place for early naturists. Naked camping is still a popular naturist activity because it is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to participate in naturism.  Camping can be a good introduction to social  naturism and a great way to experience and reconnect to nature.. Naturist camping is also popular family naturist activity.1)

Naturist camping can be a relaxing enjoyable experience, when the proper preparations are made in advance and expectations are set. Sunbathing, skinny dipping and nature walks are all fun activities to try while naturist camping. Camping like a naturist can be fun and relaxing but also has some health benefits.

There are many naturist camping options from rustic tent camping to glamping. Do you want to be close to a body or water a beach lake or river for your naturist camping experience? Are the mountains more your style. How will you handle food? These are a few of the questions to ask in preparation for your naturist camping trip. Before your first time naturist camping decide what kind of camping experience you desire then do the research to find a location that fits your preference.

getting started

If you are just getting started consider a campground that is affiliated with a naturist organization like The Naturist Society or American Association for Nude Recreation. The camping fees at naturist camps are the same or less than traditional campgrounds. Many naturist campsites have spots for RV camping and electric and water hook-ups. Generally, campsites are open from April to October. There are many naturist venues around the world with facilities open for naturist camping. 2)

Other options for naturist camping include more rustic locations. Some naturist camps provide rustic campsites (no water or electric) with few amenities beyond bathroom facilities. In the United States public lands like national parks can also be a viable option for naturist camping. However, it is important to research the location and legal restrictions. Some clothing optional natural hot springs also have campsites.3)

There are different types of camping experiences. The type of camping chosen can determine the camping experience. Here are a few common types of camping.

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Source: Clothes Free Life

Original publication 16 December, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 6th June 2021

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